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Announcing a New and Improved Antibiogram for 2015

The annual presentation of the TCH cumulative susceptibility data (antibiogram) from 2015 is now available; data are restricted to the first isolate of a given species from an individual patient.
The susceptibility data is specific to Texas Children's Hospital patients, pediatric and adult. These data are presented to aid physicians in selecting initial empiric antimicrobial therapy.
Newly added are location-specific antibiogram data arranged in an easily navigated format, as well as guidance regarding the appropriate use of antibiogram data.
Please contact Dr. Paula Revell or Dr. Jim Dunn with any comments or questions regarding the Antibiogram for 2015.

Antibiogram Q & A:

  1. What is an antibiogram?
    An antibiogram is a summary of microbial susceptibility data for a given patient population summarized in a manner that can readily aid physicians in selecting initial empiric antimicrobial therapy.
  2. Why is the Antibiogram only available for the prior year?
    Typically 12 months of accumulated data are required to achieve an appropriate level of statistical significance. Hence the presentation of the prior year is common practice.
  3. Why are some organisms not represented in the data?
    Not all drug/bug combinations are presented in an antibiogram because a minimum of thirty patient isolates are required to provide reliable indication of susceptibility.
  4. If a patient has multiple isolates throughout a year, are all of them included in the antibiogram data?
    No, only the first isolate of a species from an individual patient is included to ensure that the antibiogram most closely represents the susceptibility profile of an organism on first presentation.

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