Test Name: ALBUMIN
EPIC Search Term: LABALB
Preferred Container: 1 x 0.6 mL Green Lithium Heparin with Gel Microtainer
Alternate Container: 1 x 0.6 mL Amber Microtainer with Gel
1 x 1 mL Green Lithium Heparin Tube with Gel
1 x 1 mL Red With Clot Activator
Special Collection Instructions: If the Albumin result is less than 1.5 g/dl, the sample will be further tested using a different methodology. This method requires a serum sample. Plasma is not acceptable. A recollect may be necessary if the original sample wasn't drawn in a red top vacutainer or microtainer.
Causes for Rejection: Grossly hemolysis
Interfering Substances: Gross Hemolysis
Testing Frequency: Daily
Expected Turn Around Time: Same day
Clinical Application: Albumin constitutes 55% to 65% of total plasma protein. It maintains oncotic plasma pressure, is involved in the transport and storage of a wide variety of ligands, and is a source of endogenous amino acids. Albumin binds and solubilizes various compounds, including bilirubin, calcium, long-chain fatty acids, toxic heavy metal ions, and numerous pharmaceuticals.

Hypoalbuminemia is caused by several factors: impaired synthesis due either to liver disease (primary) or due to diminished protein intake (secondary); increased catabolism as a result of tissue damage and inflammation; malabsorption of amino acids; and increased renal excretion (eg, nephrotic syndrome).

Hyperalbuminemia is of little diagnostic significance except in the case of dehydration.
Reference Ranges: Age Male / Female (g/dL)
0 14 days 2.6 4.2
15 364 days 2.3 4.8
1 7 yrs 3.5 4.7
8 14 yrs 3.7 5.0
Age Male (g/dL) Female (g/dL)
15 18 yrs 3.9 5.3 3.5 5.2
Age Male / Female (g/dL)
=/> 19 yr 3.5 5.0
Unit of Measure: G/DL
Test Performed By: Texas Children's Hospital Pathology Services

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