Test Name: Acylcarnitine Analysis, Plasma REFERENCE TEST
EPIC Search Term: LABCARC1
Panel Composition: Free Carnitine
C3 Propionylcarnitine
C4 Butyrlcarnitine
C4-OH Hydroxybutyrylcarnitine
C5 Pentenylcarnitine
C5:1 Pentanoylcarnitine
C5-OH Hydroxypentanoylcarnitine
C6 Hexanoylcarnitine
C8 Octanoylcarnitine
C10 Decanoylcarnitine
C10:1 Decenoylcarnitine
C3DC Malonylcarnitine
C5DC Glutarylcarnitine
C12 Dodecanoylcarnitine
C12:1 Dodecenolycarnitine
C14 Tetradecenoylcarnitine
C14:1 Tetradecenoylcarnitine
C14:2 Tetradecadienoylcarnitine
C16 Hexadecanoylcarnitine
C16:1 Hexadecenoylcarnitine
C18 Stearylcarnitine
C18:1 Oleoylcarnitine
C14-OH Hydroxytetradecanoylcarnitine
C16-OH Hydroxyhexadecanoylcarnitine
C16:1-OH Hydroxyhexadecenoylcarnitine
C18-OH Hydroxystearylcarnitine
C18:1-OH Hydroxyoleylcarnitine
Preferred Container: 1 x 4 ml Green Sodium Heparin Tube
Alternate Container: 1 x 4 mL Green Lithium Heparin Tube with Gel
Sample Type: Blood
Draw Volume: 4ml
Minimum Volume: 2ml
Collection Instructions: Samples must be received by TCH Pathology by 1300, Monday - Friday to ensure same day shipping.
Collection Cut-Off Time: 1300, Monday - Friday
Test Performed By: Baylor Genetics Laboratory, 800.411.4363
2450 Holcomb Blvd
Grand Boulevard Receiving Dock
Houston, TX 77021
Lab Section: Referred Testing