Synonyms: Texas Department of Health
Preferred Container: 1 x 2 ml Purple EDTA Tube
Sample Type: Whole Blood
Draw Volume: 3 ml
Collection Instructions: To avoid lead contamination, the patient and the person collecting the specimen, should wash hands and puncture site with soap and water before collection. Preferred Specimen: Venous anti-coagulated whole blood in EDTA (purple top tube). Collect whole blood specimens in specified DSHS blood collection tubes (BD Capillary or Venous purple top tubes). Use a discard tube prior to collecting in the EDTA tube. Fill the blood collection tube according to manufacturer stated fill volume. Texas State Health Department Clinical Chemistry Labeling Guidelines (click here)
Special Collection Instructions: For THSteps and Title V. Hemoglobin and Lead may be drawn in the same tube.
Specimen Transport: Shipping Requirements: Mail specimens the same day as collected; otherwise refrigerate. Avoid temperature extremes.
Required Information: Must have Texas Department of Health Form completed to include Ordering physician and NPI number, ICD diagnostic code and patient Medicaid number.
Required Forms: State of Texas G-1B form (click here)
Causes for Rejection: Clotting, Quantity Insufficient, Specimen Decomposition, Specimen not tested within 14 days. Draw volume less than or greater than fill line on tube.
Clinical Application: THSTEP samples
Test Performed By: State Health Department Laboratory, (512) 458-7318 x 2412
1100 W. 49th Street
Austin, TX 78756-3199
Lab Section: Referred Testing