EPIC Search Term: LABPG6
Preferred Container: 1 x 1 ML Red With Clot Activator
Sample Type: SERUM
Draw Volume: 1.0 ML
Minimum Volume: 1.0 ML
Collection Instructions: The first allergen requires 1.0 mL blood. Each addition allergen requires an additional 0.2 mL.
Causes for Rejection: Hemolyzed, Icteric or Lipemic specimens
Interfering Substances: Hemolyzed, Icteric or Lipemic specimens
Testing Frequency: Monday to Friday with 7:00am cut-off
Expected Turn Around Time: Monday to Friday: 2 days. Weekend: 4 days
Clinical Application: A result of any specific allergen between the range of 0.10-0.34 kUA/L needs to be reviewed and clinical relevance determined based on the patients symptoms. It is also important to note that increasing concentrations of allergen-specific IgE may not correlate with the degree of clinical response. The correlation of allergy laboratory results with clinical history is therefore essential. Also a negative result does not rule out clinical allergy.
Methodology: Quantitative ImmunoCAP Fluoresence Enzyme Immunoassay
Reference Ranges: Results (kUA/L) Interpretation Class Scoring
<0.35 Normal 0
0.35 - 0.69 Low level of allergy 1
0.70 - 3.49 Moderate level of allergy 2
3.50 - 17.49 High level of allergy 3
17.50 - 49.99 Very high level of allergy 4
50.00 - 99.99 Very high level of allergy 5
>100 Very high level of allergy 6
Unit of Measure: kUA/L
Test Performed By: Texas Children's Hospital Pathology Services

Available at TCH Main Campus: 832-824-5152
6621 Fannin, MC 1-2261
Houston, TX 77030-2399
Lab Section: Chemistry