Test Name: Trichomonas Culture
Synonyms: 3960
Preferred Container: 1 x 20 ml Sterile Container
Alternate Container: 1 x See Collection Instructions
Sample Type: Urine
Draw Volume: 20 ml
Minimum Volume: 10
Collection Instructions: Urogenital/vaginal discharge, prostatic secretions are also acceptable.

For urogential/vaginal discharge, or prostatic secretions, Collect one swab and place in a sterile container.

Samples MUST be received by TCH pathology by 1300, Monday - Friday to ensure same day shipping. Do NOT collect on weekends and/or holidays.
Collection Cut-Off Time: 1300, Monday - Friday
Special Collection Instructions: Prior to collection, Trichomonas Inpouch collection medium should be obtained from Referred Testing. These are stored in the Kanban referred testing area.
Testing Frequency: Mon - Fri
Expected Turn Around Time: 10 days
Test Performed By: Quest Diagnostics, Inc. - Houston, 713-877-6000
5850 Rogerdale Road
Houston, TX 77072
Lab Section: Referred Testing