Synonyms: TGL
Preferred Container: 1 x 0.6 mL Green Lithium Heparin with Gel Microtainer
Alternate Container: 1 x 0.6 mL Amber Microtainer with Gel
1 x 1 mL Green Lithium Heparin Tube with Gel
1 x 1 mL Gold SST
1 x 1 mL Red With Clot Activator
1 x 1 mL Red/Black Serum Separator (SST) Vacutainer
Sample Type: Blood
Interfering Substances: Gross Lipemia
Testing Frequency: Daily
Expected Turn Around Time: Same day
Clinical Application: Evaluation of risk factors in individuals with elevated cholesterol values and/or family history of coronary artery disease or to diagnose pancreatitis. Since cholesterol and triglycerides can vary independently, measurement of both is more meaningful than the measurement of cholesterol ior triglyceride only.

In presence of other risk factors, both borderline high (150-199 mg/dL) and high values (>200 mg/dL) require attention.

Triglyceride concentrations >1,000 mg/dL can lead to abdominal pain and may be life-threatening due to chylomicron-induced pancreatitis.
Methodology: Colorimeter
Reference Ranges: Age mg/dL
0 14 days 84 266
15 364 days 54 265
1 18 yrs 45 203
=/> 19 yrs
Normal <150
Borderline High 150 199
High 200 499
Very High =/> 500
Unit of Measure: MG/DL
Test Performed By: Texas Children's Hospital Pathology Services

Available at TCH Main Campus: 832-824-5152
6621 Fannin, MC 1-2261
Houston, TX 77030-2399

Available at TCH Pavilion for Women: 832-826-7400
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Available at TCH West Campus: 832-227-1700
18200 Katy Freeway
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Available at TCH Woodlands Campus: 936-267-5200
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Lab Section: Chemistry