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Diagnostic Testing for Enteroviruses and Typing for Enterovirus D68
Non-polio enteroviruses are responsible for a number clinical syndromes which may have neurologic, respiratory, gastrointestinal, dermatologic, muscular, or cardiac manifestations. Available tests for enteroviruses at TCH include RT-PCR for CSF and whole blood specimens and viral isolation in cell culture for several specimen types including the respiratory specimens listed below.

Test Name Specimen Results Available
Enterovirus PCR CSF (min 0.5 mL) <4 hours
Enterovirus PCR Whole Blood-EDTA (min. 0.5 mL) 1-3 days
Viral Culture Nasal Wash, Trach Asp, BAL, NP Swab <21 days
Enterovirus D68 causes primarily respiratory illness, although the full spectrum of disease remains unclear. Confirmation of the identification of EV-D68 requires typing by molecular sequencing performed at the CDC.

• Currently, the CDC is conducting EV-D68 testing for epidemiologic purposes and only on respiratory specimens from patients with severe respiratory illness; namely, intubated, ICU patients. For inquiries about typing of specimens from patients with suspected EV-D68 infection, please contact TCH Infection Control via the page operator. Approval from the public health authority is required prior to submission to the CDC.

For additional information or questions please contact Dr. Dunn (4-2662).

James Dunn, Ph.D.
Paula Revell, Ph.D.

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