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2016 Antibiogram

The annual presentation of the Medical Microbiology Laboratory cumulative antimicrobial susceptibility data (antibiogram) for 2016 is now available. Direct links to the 2016 antibiogram can be found on the TCH intranet via physician resources, or through clinical resources: Antimicrobial stewardship. Additionally, in EPIC a reference link is located on the antibiotic ordering record. The current and historic antibiograms are also available via the Pathology On-line Catalog.

2016 Antibiogram

An antibiogram is a summary of microbial susceptibility data for a given patient population presented in a manner that can readily aid in selecting initial empiric antimicrobial therapy. Data compiled in the antibiogram are restricted to the first bacterial isolate of a given species from an individual patient during the time period analyzed, typically one calendar year.

For more detailed information or any questions please contact Dr. Paula Revell (832-824-1873) or Dr. Jim Dunn (832-824-2662).

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