Search Documents and Forms

Fields Searched The search will include document titles as well as menu locations.
Abbreviate Words

Best results are achieved with abbreviated word forms: For example, use sch instead of schedule.

Use a Minus Sign to Exclude Documents

Place a minus sign in front of a word to exclude documents that contain that word. For example if you want to search for schedules but not on-service schedules, you would enter
sch -ser.

Do Not Use
Quotation Marks

There is no need to enclose words in quotation marks. This will not produce the desired results.

Search Method Example Search results
single word


Finds results that contain these letters.

multi word

schedule service

Finds results that contain both of these sets of letters.

abbreviations sch Finds results that contain the letters sch in any part of the text.
abbreviation string sch ser Finds results that contain sch and ser in any part of the text.
minus sign schedule -service
sch -ser

Finds results that contain the letters schedule but not the letters service.